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Our customers tell the story better than we can. We'd love to hear from you too, so please send us your feedback.

She was blown away!
I had the ring delivered to my office on a Monday. I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful the ring looked! I locked it away in my file cabinet not intending to pop the question until Christmas time. But I was so excited about the ring that, spur of the moment that Friday, I cooked my fiancee a gourmet meal and proposed that night. I have never been so happy! Thanks OroStyle for making this such a memorable day!
James, San Francisco CA  December 2004

She was speechless!!
I have to admit was very skeptical about purchasing an expensive item like this over the internet, especially a diamond ring. However, when I received the ring I couldn't have been happier. The quality of the diamond was amazing, it surpassed my best expectations. My fiance was blown away by it as well as her family and friends. She even went as far as to take it to a trusted jeweler, to satisfy her own doubts, and he even commented on how good the quality of the diamond was. And when he heard that it was from OroStyle he had nothing but positive things to say about you guys. I can honestly say that OroStyle has won my business for any future diamond purchases that I will make. The quality was outstanding and the quick service was exceptional. OroStyle, thank you again for providing a great diamond ring, I cannot adequately express how thrilled I am that I made my purchase through you. I am a devoted customer from here on out!
Smith, Westchester NY  January 2005
She was blown over with her engagement ring.
I called 6 times to learn everything about engagement rings and diamonds. Everytime that I called the representative Matt was knowledgeable, patient, and gracious. I felt like I was interacting with a high-end jewelry store -- on the phone even! What impressed me the most is that they didn't try to "up sell" me and helped me choose a diamond well below my price threshold!
Anonymous  January 2005
Absolutley Wonderful
I was first told about OroStyle by my soon to be Brother In Law who purchased his wife's engagement ring here. I was astounded by the quality of what I recieved and the price was amazing. After spending many months looking for a proper engagement ring I was so full of joy to do business with OroStyle. Not only have you made this soon to be engaged man very happy, but I know without a doubt that my fiance will be equally satisfied.
Richard, Highland UT  January 2005
Hope the marriage is as great as the diamond!
I was looking for an engagement ring for a long while, and I had looked everywhere but didn't quite find something that I liked. I also wasn't quite sure how to know what I was buying, because the salespeople at the local jewelry stores were more concerned with selling me a ring than helping me learn about diamonds so I could make the right decision. Then a friend recommended OroStyle.com, and told me he had purchased an engagement ring, and wedding band from you guys and was very happy. I was willing to take a look. I have to be honest, and say that at first I was quite skeptical about making such a major purchase online, but as I browsed your site, reviewed your jewelry education and spoke to a customer representative, my confidence grew. I also visited many of your competitors web sites, but ended up coming back to your site. After learning about diamonds and speaking to your customer representatives many times, I felt perfectly confident about buying an engagement ring from you. I found a ring that I knew my girlfriend would love and I placed my order. The ring arrived in two business days as promised and I proposed to my girlfriend that same night. I wish I could describe in words the look on her face when she said yes. The ring was truly fabulous, and looked so much better than the picture. When I opened the jewelry box and saw the ring, it just looked like a million bucks. The following week we had the ring appraised, and it was valued at 140% of the price that I paid. I never would have found a deal like this at a local jeweler. Your website is great, it's very easy to use, and your customer representatives are wonderful. I'm very happy with my experience and will be buying wedding bands from you very soon. You have a life long customer in me.
Smith,  Brooklyn NY  December 2004
The best purchase I ever made!
I know that asking someone to marry you will always be a special event, but this ring made the event beyond compare. I have never receive more compliments on any purchase ever! This ring so far exceeded my expectations that all I could do for the first day I had it was stare in disbelief. I still don't think that I have fully grapsed that I purchased something so bueatiful. Thank you OroStyle!
Mathew, Reston VA  December 2004

What a fabulous ring!
I had an outstanding experience with OroStyle from start to finish. She loves the ring and we both can't keep our eyes off it. I was a bit apprehensive at first about purchasing on-line but OroStyle.com was flawless and gave me an excellent preview.I spent several weeks searching for the right ring at jewlery shops and never could find what I wanted. I found the perfect ring at OroStyle in about an hour.
James, Oakland CA  January 2005


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