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As the largest jewelry manufacturing plant of the Europe and Middle East, BestGoldShop jewelry' s factory symbolizes the transition to modern production from traditional production.The internal parts of the building which has an annual production capacity of 20 metric tons can be easily adapted to the changing demands of the market.

Our prices are direct from our factory. You don’t have to go to a jewelry district, or wait for hours until the item you are interested in appears on the TV shopping channel. Now you can simply click and find what they pay more to buy from us! You don’t need an annoying sales person to tell you what you should like.

BestGoldShop Design team combines their own art with the world trends, fashion and technological improvements. During the design stage not only the artistic skills but also the swift production capabilities of the models are also considered. To enchance the artistic productivitiy of the designers, the company provides them to take place in national and international exhibitions.


Also we offer help with gift selection. Just e-mail us and tell us a little about the person, and with the help of our surveys and marketing teams, our friendly and experienced team can help you find the most suitable gift. Please contact us, if you have any questions.


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